A Mother's Awakening Journey

Welcome to A Mother’s Awakening Journey.

You have arrived at a supportive, caring, compassionate and safe space. 

Wherever you are on your Motherhood Journey I am here to support and guide you through any challenges you may be experiencing with love, compassion and understanding from mother to mother.

Drawing on my personal experience and the huge challenges I have been through and all my knowledge and wisdom that I have gained along the way which led to my Awakening of my Soul’s Journey and Life Purpose.

On my own personal Motherhood Journey I found Energy Psychology which transformed my traumas and enabled me to see my life and the way ahead with very different eyes, a different perspective.

Everything in life is energy that is why using energy techniques resonate with our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body.  I use many different energy modalities to suit each client at each stage of their journey and they all blend beautifully together.

Releasing the stuck negative energy and emotions in our bodies from trauma we’ve experienced, which causes limiting negative, sabotaging beliefs that prevent us from living the healthy, happy, joyful life we wish for and allows us to create our new reality with ease and joy!

Once we release the old beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving us we are open to see the gifts we hold within and then can see our experiences as all part of our Awakening Journey of our Soul and live our Souls Purpose.

Being able to connect with our subconscious allows us to see and change our programming that is causing us emotional, mental, physical and spiritual turmoil in our present reality.

I look forward to guiding and supporting you on Your Mother’s Awakening Journey

Using the Colour Mirrors System (Colour Psychology) which is a journey through the energy of the Soul’s perspective which gives you greater understanding of your life and purpose, which enables you to make sense of challenges that arrive in the way of trauma and life’s experiences that you feel you have no understanding or solutions to navigate, therefore becoming overwhelmed and lost.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping on the meridians of the body (mainly head, face and hands) allowing the flow of energy again whilst tuning into the emotions, thoughts and beliefs and ‘story’ we are telling ourselves.

Matrix Reimprinting going back to past memories that hold trauma and emotion in our subconscious and supporting our younger selves (ECHOEnergetic Conscious Hologram) with love and compassion to find out the belief we made from that experience and supporting and guiding them to change the picture therefore changing the belief to a new positive one which then has a profound effect on our reality.

Light Matrix exploring our life’s patterns and connecting with our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies of energy in a safe, neutral and unconditional love filled space with our guides, angels, spiritual beings and Soul Family, connecting us with the energy of ancestral, past, present and future lives.

Picture Tapping Art therapy using EFT

Meta Health a useful awareness of understanding the patterns of the tissues, organs and skeletal system of our physical body and how they respond when there is an emotional trauma.

Usui and Angelic Reiki Master    Ancient Japanese Natural Healing System System channelling Universal Life force energy to the body.

1:1 sessions £85ph

Workshops and Courses